Profesional Security

Welcome to Tri-County Protection & Investigation, LLC

Tri-County Protection & Investigation has dedicated itself to excellence in the Security Service field. Every effort has been put forth towards building a successful company where individuals are rewarded for their success and businesses commend us on our performance.

we take every measure to ensure the safety and well-being of both its clients and employees. Tri-County Protection & Investigation strives to be unique from its competitors by constantly bringing the latest technology to the security field. Tri-County Protection & Investigation is proud of the in-house academy where we train, license, and certify our own staff. By training on site, we can ensure the highest level of quality Security Officers for our clients.

One of the many important and obvious differences between security officer providers is the quality of their operational management team. Tri-County Protection & Investigation management team is simply without peer. We offer a very rare and unique blend of veteran security management, law enforcement, military, and anti-terrorism experience to our clients and the community that cannot be found elsewhere.

Tri-County Protection & Investigation stands out by offering an integrated approach to security by combining big-company resources with the heart of a small business. Tri-County Protection & Investigationhighly trained officers and advanced technology is tailored specifically for each facility.
Anyone can place a uniformed security officer on your property. But who else can offer an impressive resume of experience, achievements, and services?

Tri-County Protection & Investigation is ready to exceed all of your expectations!

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